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Garage Door Service in Dunwoody, GA

Need your garage door repaired or serviced and don't have time to wait several days for a tech? Garage Door Repair of Dunwoody is just what you are looking for. Not only do we provide 24-hour assistance, but we specialize in repairs, maintenance, and installations.

Why is My Garage Door Stuck?

Having a garage door is extremely convenient, but can cause great frustration when it is not working correctly. Some garage doors may just stop working, while others refuse to close before opening again. We understand the headache these situations can cause and would love to solve your garage door needs.

Before calling a tech, it’s always helpful to carefully check on the following:

  • Is the door loud when opening and closing or having difficulty doing so?
  • Are the eye sensors damaged, dirty, or out of alignment?
  • Have the tracks been bent?
  • Is the weather seal at the bottom of the door intact?
  • Are the rollers on the tracks?

The good news is that all of these can be easily fixed! Once we receive your call, our highly trained technicians will do a comprehensive check of your garage door, fix the immediate issues, and diagnose any others that may not have been visible to you.

Regular Garage Maintenance

Though we offer emergency garage door services, it is much more beneficial for homeowners to have regular garage door maintenance performed. Having a tech regularly service your garage door can prevent the “big” emergencies, increase the longevity of your door, and provide peace of mind that everything is in working condition.

When one of our technicians performs maintenance on your door, he will first complete a comprehensive check. This ensures that all of the parts are working in unison and there are no larger issues that need to be addressed. Our tech will tighten any loose nuts or bolts and lubricate all moving parts of your garage door.

How Often Should My Door be Serviced?

Garage doors should be serviced on an annual basis, regardless of the door having issues. As an easy way to remember, it is best to have your garage door serviced at the same time every year. Most people prefer the Fall, before colder temperatures set in, while others choose to have their doors serviced in the Spring to coincide with “spring cleaning.”

The annual lube and tune will include tightening and lubricating parts, as well as, an extensive check of the door to make sure all parts are working correctly. If you notice something is off with your garage door prior to your annual “check-up,” do not hesitate to contact Garage Door Repair.

Call for Your Service Today!

Whether you are in need of an emergency repair, want to schedule an annual maintenance check or are in the market for a whole new garage door, call Garage Door Repair of Dunwoody! Our techs are eager to talk with you and find a solution that fits your needs. We look forward to coming alongside and serving our neighbors in Dunwoody!  

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